Technological and Applied Studies provides interesting and challenging practical subjects from Year 7 through to Year 12.


Tenterfield High School has excellent facilities since the completion of the Trade Training Centre in 2012. Our students have access to a commercial kitchen, with industry standard equipment, in both the Metal and Woodwork workshops. 


In Stage 4, Technology is a Mandatory subject. Each class rotates through Woodwork, Metalwork, Food Technology or Textiles over the course of the year.

Students produce a range of practical projects through design, development and production stages, that incorporate technology, creativity and practical skills.


In Stage 5, Technology is offered as an elective. Our students can choose to study: Agriculture, Food Technology, Industrial Technology - Wood, or Industrial Technology - Metal. These subjects consist of practical and theoretical components, with a focus on developing practical skills. Students are provided with an understanding of the relevant industries, Work, Health and Safety, using industry-standard materials, resources, and equipment.


In Stage 6, students may elect to undertake Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses. These courses enable students to obtain Australian Standard qualifications in Hospitality (Certificate II), Metal and Engineering (Certificate I), Construction Pathways (Certificate II), and Agriculture in Primary Industries (Certificate II). These embracing and engaging industry standard framework subjects promote the design process through interactive and practical delivery of content. These courses require 70 hours of mandatory industry work placement over the 2 year course. These subjects are endorsed by Board of Studies and Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) for inclusion in a student's Record of School Achievement or Higher School Certificate.


Tenterfield High School is proud to provide purposeful, meaningful and relevant design based educational learning, in an engaging technological environment.



Agriculture underpins social structures and caters for basic human needs. It provides people with food, fibre, fuel, shelter and the possibility of diverse lifestyles. It is fundamental to human progress.


At Tenterfield High School, students gain an understanding of the relationships between production, processing and consumption, which enables them to participate in debate, on the long-term issues relating to the sustainability of agricultural systems, including environmental impact, and evolving economic and social factors.  

Design and Technology

Design and Technology assists us in being able to interpret and alter our environments in an attempt to improve the quality of our lives through evolving technology.


At Tenterfield High School, Design and Technology caters for a variety of student needs, abilities and interests. Our students learn to apply design processes, develop functional and aesthetic design solutions that encourage innovation and creativity, and use technologies to meet identified needs and opportunities in real-life contexts. 

Food Technology


Food Technology provides students with a broad knowledge and understanding of food properties, processing, preparation and their interrelationships, nutritional considerations, and consumption patterns.


At Tenterfield High School, our students are able to explore the richness, pleasure and variety food adds to life. They develop food-specific skills which can then be applied in a range of contexts, enabling them to produce quality food products.

Industrial Technology


Industrial Technology provides students with a range of skills that will equip them for future leisure and lifestyle activities, potential vocational pathways or future learning in the technology field.


At Tenterfield High School, our students are provided with  opportunities to engage in a diverse range of creative and practical experiences using a variety of technologies widely available in industrial and domestic settings including: Automotive, Building and Construction, Ceramics, Electronics, Engineering, Farm Maintenance, Leather, Metal, Multimedia/Photography, Polymers or Timber.

Information and
Software Technology

People can expect to work and live in environments requiring highly developed levels of computing and technological literacy. New generations will need to be flexible to accommodate changes as they emerge in the rapidly evolving area of information and software technology.


At Tenterfield High School, our students learn about, choose and use appropriate information and software technology to develop an informed awareness of its capacities, scope, limitations and implications.  Option topics allow students to choose their areas of interest in this field. Options include: Artificial Intelligence, Simulation and Modelling, Authoring and Multimedia, Database Design, Digital Media, the Internet and Website Development, Networking Systems, Robotics and Automated Systems and Software Development and Programming



Textiles have played a significant role throughout human history, satisfying both functional and aesthetic needs.

At Tenterfield High School, our students are provided with broad knowledge of the properties, performance and uses of textiles in which fabrics, colouration, yarns and fibres are explored. Textile projects give students the opportunity to be creative, independent learners and to explore functional and aesthetic aspects of textiles using contemporary technology.

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