Science provides us with ways to answer interesting and important questions about the biological, physical, and technological world. Science is an interrelated set of models, theories, laws, systems, structures and interactions. The study of Science provides explanations for a variety of phenomena and enables sense to be made of the natural world.


At Tenterfield High School, students gain an increased appreciation and understanding of the importance of science in their own lives and society, at both a local and global level. Students use scientific inquiry to develop their understanding of ideas and concepts, the importance of scientific evidence, the relationships between science and technology and its importance in the current and future practice of science.


Stage 4 and Stage 5 Science explores The Living World, Earth and Space, The Physical World, and The Chemical World. These areas provide students with the understanding and knowledge necessary to continue to study Science in Stage 6. Subjects available are Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science and Physics.



Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, evolution, distribution, genetics and taxonomy.


At Tenterfield High School, the key topics focused on in Stage 6 include: A Local Ecosystem, Patterns in Nature, Life on Earth, Evolution of Australian Biota, Maintaining a BalanceBlueprint of Life and The Search for Better Health. Students are able to choose between Communication, Biotechnology, Genetics - The Code Broken, The Human Story or Biochemistry as an optional topic.


Chemistry investigates the physical and chemical properties of substances, chemical reactions and processes, and the interaction of energy and matter. It attempts to explain and predict events at both the atomic and molecular level.


At Tenterfield High School, the key topics focused on in Stage 6 include: The Chemical Earth, MetalsWaterEnergy, Production of Materials, Acidic Environment and Chemical Monitoring and Management. Students are able to choose between Industrial Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, The Biochemistry of Movement, Shipwrecks, Corrosion and Conservation or The Chemistry of Art as an optional topic.

Earth and
Environmental Science


Earth and Environmental Science is the study of the Earth and its processes, and aims to provide an understanding of systems and processes in both aquatic and terrestrial environments. It seeks to explore changes that have occurred during Earth's history, and to assist students to recognise and understand our responsibility to conserve, protect and maintain the quality of all environments for future generations.


At Tenterfield High School, the key topics focused on in Stage 6 include: Planet Earth and Its Environment – A Five Thousand Million Year Journey, The Local Environment, Water Issues, Dynamic Earth, Tectonic Impacts, Environments Through Time and Caring for the Country. Students are able to choose between Introduced Species and the Australian Environment, Organic Geology – A Non-renewable ResourceMining and the Australian Environment or Oceanography as an optional topic.



Physics can be described as the study of everything. It is the branch of Science that looks at both matter and energy, and their interchangeable natures. Quite simply, Physics helps society explain how and why everything in the universe works.


At Tenterfield High School, students investigate Sound, Motion, Forces, Magnetism, Electricity and Space. The key topics focused on in Stage 6 include: Space and Time, Motors and Generators and Superconductors. Students are able to choose between Astrophysics, Quantum MechanicsMedical Physics, Geophysics or The Age of Silicon as an optional topic.

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