In Stage 4 Mandatory Music, students explore The Concepts of MusicInstruments of the OrchestraMusic in Film and TelevisionBlues MusicRock Music and Song Writing. Students learn to perform on both the keyboard and guitar. These areas provide students with the understanding and knowledge necessary to further their studies in the Stage 5 elective course.


Music is an elective course offered in Stage 5. Students refine their performing, composing and listening abilities through various contexts. At Tenterfield High School, the key areas of study include: Introduction to Rock Music (performance based), Small Ensembles, Classical Music, Popular Music, Jazz and Music of Another Culture




Music plays an important role in our social, cultural, aesthetic and spiritual lives. It allows for the expression of emotion and imagination, the intellect and the exploration of values. 


At Tenterfield High School, students are given the opportunity to develop their musical abilities in the individual areas of performing, composing and listening, as part of their academic program at all levels.

Students can continue to study Music in Stage 6 through Music 1. Music 2 and Extension Music is offered to students who present with a very high skill set. In Music 1, students continue to develop their understanding of the musical concepts including: DurationPitchDynamics and Expressive Techniques, Tone ColourTexture and Structure whilst experiences in performance, composition, musicology and aural provide the context for learning. 

Visual Arts


The Visual Arts plays a significant role within the curriculum at Tenterfield High School. Learning opportunities are designed to encourage students to understand the Visual Arts through the different types of creative works they, and others, create.


At  Tenterfield High School, the Visual Arts department places great value on the development of students' intellectual and practical autonomy and always strive to create experiences which embrace and enhance the social, cultural and spiritual lives of students. 

In Stage 4 Mandatory Visual Arts, students are introduced to the art world in both artmaking and historical/critical studies. Artmaking has an experimental focus where students are given opportunities to explore a range of ideas and interests in the world by engaging with various 2D and 3D forms. Historical and critical studies introduce students to the course content including: Practice, Frames and Conceptual Framework, and allows students to value the different ways that artworks can be cfeated and interpreted.

Visual Arts is an elective course offered in Stage 5. At Tenterfield High School, the knowledge, understanding, skills and values are further developed in this course provide a sound foundation for students electing to study Visual Arts in Stage 6.

Students can continue to study Visual Arts in Stage 6. This course builds on the elective course in Stage 5 and also caters for others who may have a more limited experience of the subject. Students build on their understanding of Visual Arts through deeper and sustained investigations of Practice, Frames and Conceptual Framework

Photography, Video and
Digital Imaging 


Photography, Video and Digital Imaging offers students in Stage 6 the opportunity to explore contemporary artistic practices that make use of photography, video and digital imaging Central to this is the development of creative action, reflection and the exercise of judgement.

At Tenterfield High School, Photography, Video and Digital Imaging is highly interactive, engaging and experimental accommodating all levels of skill and understanding. Students gain confidence and sophisticated photographic and digital media skills through individual and group work.

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