PDHPE attempts to develop knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes to empower students to adopt healthy behaviours. Students study a range of issues pertinent to contemporary society. These include: body image, obesity, resilience, sexuality, risk-taking, nutrition, self-esteem, relationships, peer pressure and unhealthy behaviours such as smoking, alcohol and drug use.

At Tenterfield High School, students are required to participate in theoretical and practical lessons. Our PD/H/PE staff ensure that all activities are challenging and fun. Students are assessed on their motor skills and physical abilities, in practical lessons. Students are provided opportunities to develop their movement skills in a variety of disciplines that encourage team building, including games and dance.


Stage 4 and Stage 5 PDHPE explores Self and Relationships, Movement Skills and Performance, Individual and Community Health and Lifelong Physical Activity. These areas provide students with the understanding and knowledge necessary to further their studies of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education in Stage 5 Physical Activities and Sports Studies (PASS) in Stage 5, and PD/H/PE in Stage 6.

If a student is unable to participate in practical PE lessons or Sport, they require a signed note from their Parent/Carer that outlines why that child cannot participate. If this is an ongoing problem, students require a medical certificate from their General Practitioner. Please remember that practical PE is a compulsory part of the school curriculum and participation is mandatory.

Physical Activities and
Sports Studies (PASS)


Physical Activities and Sports Studies (PASS) is an elective course offered in Stage 5. PASS encourages students to build lifelong physical activity into their lifestyle.


At Tenterfield High School, the key areas of study include: Foundations of Physical Activity, Physical Activity and Sport in Society and Enhancing Participation and Performance. These key areas of study explore Nutrition and Physical Activity, Australia's Sporting Identity, Fundamental Movement Skills, Coaching, Body and Energy Systems, Event Management - Olympic Games, Physical Activity and Sport for Specific Groups and Participating with Safety.

Personal Development,
Health and
Physical Education


Personal Development, Health, and Physical Education in Stage 6 provides for the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development of students. Students learn about and practise ways of maintaining active, healthy lifestyles, and how to improve their health status. 


At Tenterfield High School, the key topics focused on in Stage 6 include: Better Health for Individuals, The Body in Motion, Health Priorities in Australia and Factors Affecting Performance.  Students are able to choose between First Aid, Outdoor RecreationThe Health of Young People or Sports Medicine as an optional topic.

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